Middle East Stone 2019: What a Great Conclusion to the Exhibition Year!

The Hustle for Faber never stops! This time we are here with a report on a new exhibition we took part in Middle East Stone 2019. Well known internationally, this exhibition is fully dedicated to natural stone.

Middle East Stone is part of the “Big 5” an exhibition fully dedicated to all things building and construction. Middle East Stone 2019 took place in the magical and always enchanting Dubai, in the Dubai World Trade Centre.

During the four days of exhibitions, we discussed protection, polishing, and restoration of natural stones such as Marble, Granite, Limestone, and Quartz.

Natural Stone Protection

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The center of attention was our protective solutions against rising humidity. Marble is indeed known for its absorbing ability. When installed untreated or sealed with low-quality products marble absorbs water and humidity that causes unfortunate yellowing and stains on the surface that are particularly visible on white marble.

Other signs of humidity absorption are the formation of salt efflorescences and mold. In order to avoid humidity related issues we always recommend to protect all six sides of the tile with our penetrating sealers before installing it. The main two Faber allies when fighting rising humidity are HIDRO PROTECTOR MM and HIDRO PROTECTOR SST.

Marble Anti-Etching Protection

We also discussed one of the newest addition in our product catalog FABER AS 930 CP.The product is easy to apply and it enables you to effectively protect your marble tops from aggressions induced by acid substances.

Faber Acid Protection


AS 930 CP is a unique product able to protect your tops while maintaining their natural look. Eventual spilling of wine, soda and lemon juice will no longer be a problem!

We wanted to thank everyone who came by our booth, it’s always such a pleasure to share with you our passion for surfaces and their maintenance. Se you soon at the next exhibition!


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