Faber News: Let’s Give a Look to the latest news of 2019!

Faber breaking news! Here at Faber we always strive for perfection. This year we implemented three new “tools” with the aim of assisting you in finding, using and getting to know our solution in the fastest and easier way possible. These are the following tools to guide you through our Showroom line:

  • The catalog
  • the labels
  • the e-shop

Let’s begin with the catalog that we shared for the first time in October, we gave a preview to the visitors of our booth during the exhibitions in Bologna and Verona: CERSAIE and MARMOMAC. Check out our catalog! Showroom Line faber catalog


An Interactive Index: you just need to click on the section you are interested to see the linked solutions, or if you prefer you can use the bookmarks with the names of the products.Our solutions are displayed as follow:

  • detergents
  • sealers
  • stain removers
  • polishers
  • waxes

The catalog continues with a quick description of our maintenance kits, professional tools and 18 surface sheets a rundown of suitable solutions specific for the cleaning, maintenance, and protection of every surface.

It’s more than a simple catalog, it is a colorful map, with a lot of images and information, that will guide you in finding the right solution for every need.

Faber news: our new labels for the Showroom line

During 2019, we decided to renew the look of our products. Each product of the Showroom Line introduces himself in 3 steps: who am I, what can I do, and on which surface.. Underneath our logo, there is the name of the product that quickly explains its properties. Follows a brief description of the formula of the product. The colored section is dedicated to the list of materials on which the product is suitable to be used on.

20 years ago, in order to simplify the selection of the product, we decided to characterize every category of product with a specific color. We decided to maintain it because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

The product are characterized as follow:

    • Detergents are blue
    • sealers and impregnators are green
    • stain removers are red
    • polishers are purple
  • waxes and finishing products are orange

It’s now time for us to present you our new shop, the new and perfected version of our e-commerce.


Fabersurfacecare.shop is not only a platform that allows you to our products but also a guide for the maintenance of every surface.

There are 3 paths that you can take to find the right solution for your needs:

1 -The categories menu It answers the question”What am I looking for?”

2 – The second path is through the material filter , that answers the question “Which of these are suitable for the material I have?” By selecting the surface to be treated you will only see the suitable formulas.

3 – On the home page underneath our best sellers and the deals section, you will find the area dedicated to Surfaces & Solutions were we curated an edit of surfaces and their cleaning, maintenance, and protective suitable solutions.

it’s a piece of cake! What can we say about this 2019? It’s always nice to look back on everything we accomplished this year! But here at Faber, we are already planning for what it’s going to come in 2020! The hustle never stops!


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