Cleaning Tile Floors: Everything you Need to Know

The three phases of cleaning tile floors

Cleaning tile floors is part of the domestic daily maintenance routine. It can be done with products and accessories that can be more or less effective. Cleaning the floor is the result of habits and repetitive gestures that we think we know down to a T. When, in reality, we can confidently say that the knowledge and the tips and tricks are never-ending.

To clean the floor isn’t a repetitive and unchanging procedure, it is instead an extremely specific ensemble of actions based on what we want to achieve, the material to be treated, and the kind of dirt to remove.

We can divide the general maintenance of the floor into different stages: POST-INSTALLATION CLEANING, DAILY CLEANING, AND EXTRAORDINARY CLEANING.


Cleaning tile floors after the installation

post-installation cleaning tile floors

The post-installation cleaning needs to be done after the floor is laid. It’s meant to remove all the superficial residues of cementitious or epoxy grout, depending on what type of sealer has been used.

The post-installation cleaning is crucial when is done poorly using inefficient products we will experience a surface that is compromised. The surface will indeed appear not clear, bleached, with grout residues and a marked tendency to collect dirt due to the presence of the superficial patina.

When the grout used during the installation phase is cementitious Faber recommends CEMENT REMOVER. In the case of epoxy grout instead, Faber recommends EPOXY CLEANER. For more information on the post-installation cleaning read our blog post on HOW TO REMOVE GROUT HAZE FROM PORCELAIN TILES.


Cleaning tile floors day-to-day

daily cleaning

The daily cleaning is the type of maintenance that we are more familiar with. It’s the type of cleaning that happens with more frequency in our houses, generally two or three times a week. It is crucial to choose a product that is efficient, appropriate for the material, and able to remove the dirt without causing any aggression onto the floor.

To use inadequate products during this phase can cause the occurrence of the surface patina. Especially with the frequent use of products who claim a polishing effect. With their waxy formula, they can create greasy buildups on the surface in the long run.

For the daily cleaning of non-absorbing materials Faber recommends FLOOR CLEANER, it’s easy to use and it doesn’t need to be rinsed. NEUTRAL CLEANER is the product of choice for the daily cleaning of absorbing materials, it removes the dirt while being gentle on the surface with its nourishing formula with coconut oil extracts.


Periodical maintenance of tile floors

extra-ordinary cleaning tile floors

The extra-ordinary cleaning is less frequent than the daily one and it generally takes place to remove the residues that a daily detergent can’t remove. The detergents used for an extraordinary cleaning are indeed able to efficiently remove the superficial patina caused by the frequent use of organic detergents, the stubborn dirt that collects on the surface with time, and traces of lime-scale due to the use of hard-water during the cleaning process.

Faber’s MVPs when it comes to extra-ordinary cleanings are TILE CLEANER and DEEP DEGREASER. TILE CLEANER it’s an acidic detergent efficient on dirt usable on materials that aren’t acid sensitive.

DEEP DEGREASER it’s the ideal detergent for an extraordinary cleaning it can be used on all materials.

For every cleaning phase, Faber has a solution able to achieve the goal while respecting the surface. For more information reach out to our Customer service and don’t forget to check out our shop to find the perfect cleaning ally for you.


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