How to clean matt porcelain tiles in three steps

Matt porcelain tiles are a really trendy and popular choice when it comes to indoor flooring. One of the most recurring questions about the surface is how to clean matt porcelain tiles?

The characteristic that makes people fall in love with it is the soft and satin finish of the surface. In order to maintain the finish of the material unaltered, we recommend a three-step maintenance routine.

Post-Installation Cleaning of Matt Porcelain Tiles

After the material has been installed it needs to be cleaned in order to remove grout traces and residues whether they were epoxy or cement-based. An accurate after-setting cleaning avoids the formation of dirt build-ups on the surface throughout the years.

How to clean matt porcelain tiles after the installation?

CEMENT REMOVER it’s our ally for the removal of residues of cement grout, and EPOXY CLEANER it’s our specific solution for the removal of epoxy grout residues.

Cleaning matt porcelain tiles

Daily Cleaning of Matt Porcelain Tiles

For the everyday cleaning of matt porcelain tiles, our experts recommend FLOOR CLEANER concentrated neutral detergent. FLOOR CLEANER needs no rinsing and leaves a fresh scent of clean around the house. It’s delicate on the material and strong against dirt.

Deep Cleaning of Matt Porcelain Tiles

The deep cleaning of matt porcelain tiles can be done twice a year by using deep cleaning detergents able to remove the superficial patina. The superficial patina is the result of the build-up of hard-water and low-quality detergents sediments. What the superficial patina does is to create a film on the surface that increases the ability of dirt and staining agent to grip on to it. Therefore when there is patina on the surface the floor looks dirty even after cleaning it. Faber’s ally for the deep cleaning of matt porcelain tiles is TILE CLEANER. TILE CLEANER is able to penetrate deeply into the pores of the material and extract dirt, stains, and residues no matter how old they are. Here is the video that shows how easily TILE CLEANER removes dirt and surface patinas:


Take care at best of your matt porcelain tiled floor with Faber’s solutions. On our shop you will find all the previously mentioned solutions and all the necessary accessories to achieve a professional result.


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